In todays video I had to take my best friend Vinnie to the emergency room, Paper tries to recreate his favorite movie scene, Michael tries to make Pigs in a blanket, I confront Harry Jowsey with a therapist, and I walk in on Michael and His girlfriend in my bedroom.

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  1. Lia


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    Just why

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    Charity Labounty

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    Paper is so cute his gf is so lucky wow, yall are the cutest cupola ever.

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    Lil Kayden

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    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4 13

  4. Michaela Godwin

    Michaela Godwin

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    Technically you said any glass not a specific kind. So the bullet proof glass is technically glass

  5. Rose Shelly

    Rose Shelly

    Acum lună

    coming back to watch the video after realizing harry was talking about Brooke

  6. Melina Jezabel

    Melina Jezabel

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    Hopefully they can do this kind of video again 😂😂

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    Melo So WaVvY

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    I can't wait till it says hi I'm Alex the is my wife kouvr and these are my kids

  9. Aweli


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    but this is the same hospital Matthias used in his new video on Project 863

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    3:26 wha-

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    Dora Hernandez

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    Vinnie said he did it

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    My nickname is Kota 🥰

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    Aaliyahs on crack

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    I got a dog named koda He’s a Shiba Inu

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    Rylee Terrell

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    “I think, AHHHH!” Vinnie hacker 2021

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    Bella Diana777

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    What happened to your cat?

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    Is he ok?? Alex

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    Avery Sturm

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    I love your videos so much

  19. Your mom Sheesh

    Your mom Sheesh

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    Micheal is dinner ready? Uhh yea how do you make pig in a blanket🤣

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    Gauravi Prasad

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    Vinnie is a gentlemen

  21. William Campbell

    William Campbell

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    I love you're song I listen to it every day although it makes me miss my uncle and ant

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    Unpopular Opinion: I actually don’t mind the hype house

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    Thesquadiii _

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    No one is talking about the fact that they have a pig in their house 😂😂😂😂

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    laiqa salie

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    Connor look like a childhood bully

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    u ok old man

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    R A

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    Me skipping to the part where vinnie is there : 👁👄👁

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      Kim Williams

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      lmao same

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    hi hi

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    0:51 Ok Justin Bieber, I see you 😂

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    _ marissa_ !

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    conner looks way better in a shirt🤣🤣

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    hattie tweed

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    am i the only one who wonders if bonnie can still have sex because he gets beat up in the same spot all the time

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    Maya Alcantara

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    The fact that your dog and my dog are the same age and have the same name 😩✋🏼

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    Francesca Weston

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    omg my name is francesca, and my parents thought that you guys were talking to me 😅😂

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    Isabel Peterson

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    Jesus Christ is our lord and savior! Repent for your sins! God loves you unconditionally! John 3:16 You are wanted

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  35. Suleyka Torres

    Suleyka Torres

    Acum 4 luni

    Right now Vinnie is being like the cherry on the cake for Hype house and for all his friends.

  36. Suleyka Torres

    Suleyka Torres

    Acum 4 luni

    Right now Vinnie is being like the cherry on the cake for the hype house.

  37. Berry


    Acum 4 luni

    Are there ppl over 14 who actually enjoy these videos?

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    h abdeilleh

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    i love love love love you vinnie haker ❤❤

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    Steven Moyer

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      Ethan Taylor

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      Fax bruh i would fucking kms if i had these bimbos as my friend on jah bruh like come on amogus

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    divya jain

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    og god i love these guysHAHAHAHA Michael is so under rated love him

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    Hi! Just wanted to let you Know Jesus loves you and if your going through anything just know your going to be okay, leave it to God he'll help you. I also wanted to let you know Jesus died for you on the cross So you would have a chance to be forgiven for your sins. And Not have to perish in hsll, if you would like, turn to him and accept Him as savior. Have a nice day: ) Roman's 10:9 Roman's 6: 23

  42. Milani Davis

    Milani Davis

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    We love how Harry got so stressed out when the “therapist” came 😂

  43. Ava Pineda

    Ava Pineda

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    I love that I vibe with his outro songs

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    400 com

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    The curious base philosophically suggest because note biomechanically drop within a irritating fan. outstanding, embarrassed corn

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    God bless stay safe ✝️🙏✝️🙏

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    ILove you so much guys

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    I,m just saying most of his tittles are in caps except one video

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    How does this guy not get copyrighted

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    Can you tell cover she is beatufill

  51. Sarah S

    Sarah S

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    When the "hospital" door opened i was fully expecting a real doctor. Patty and paper :walk in* Me: ahh shit here we go again

  52. eneb muhidin

    eneb muhidin

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    patiently waiting for alex to do lie detector test with vinnie

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    Ellenor Grayce

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    They use sugar to make the glass in movies so the actors/actresses don’t get hurt

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    He needs to post more

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    Robot Boyz

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    so freakin hilarious bro this is so funny lol lmao so lit

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    when is the movie coming on Netflix

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    I like how the videos with the ppl who r about kiss for the thumbnail blow up

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    iballisticbunny 324

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    I watched this video with a straight face 😑

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    mars mihal

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    i have seen all of your vids at least 2 times i love them so much bc they put a smile on my face keep doing what you are doing.

  63. mars mihal

    mars mihal

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    Alex you need to get a truck. with a good motor and high quality like i have a dodge ram 2500 Cummins turbo diesel its lifted and will go anywhere i want it to. farther than a g wagon can every imagine. it can be good for Christmas tree instead of strapping it on top of your g wagon it would be so cool to drive around. consider it for the future.

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    Moonlight wolf 21

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    What happened to Calvin and patty’s vids

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    Maryan Lope

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    Hi Alex warmer

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    Tamira Mima

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    Hi Alex am going to unsubscribe because I don't like u anymore but I whis u the best and I hope you get to 3 millon

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    Chase and Charli should get back together as bf and gf

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    Sandy Nunez

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    When are you in Culver getting married or come on please can you get a mirror for like 30 hours

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    I like how we barely see Thomas or Mia anymore. I like it that way

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    Haley Murphy

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    I'm so proud of Michael... He finally got a girlfriend!!!!!!🤣

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      His podcast is top notch, lol

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    Was I the only one whose heart skipped a beat when he said Harry cause you thought it was ✨Harry Styles✨

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